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ate here a couple weeks back for the first time. the food was good, and th…
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I must have walked past this Max Muscle a hundred times on my way to the gy…
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Byways Cafe is my favourite breakfast place in the Pearl! The Blueberry pa…
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After trying three dentists up here and always being disappointed, we final…
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I have a pair of blue beaded, dangling earrings and a pair of pink beaded, …
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adriana89 (1)
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I had the worst customer service experience of my life here. I came in right when they opened and asked if they had time for two shallac manicures for right then for a friend and me. One of the women said yes with hesitation so i assumed she was fitting us in. The girl that did my nails didn't ask me how i wanted my nails filed or anything. Rushed the entire process. When she finished she set my hands down and said " okay your done" and made a shooing motion with her hands for me to get up so my friend could sit down. so i got up and quickly grabbed my stuff and sat down and started to look at my nails to see how they looked and saw... 1. The nail polish wasn't even and had streaks where you could see my nail 2. she got it all over my fingers to where my skin was stuck to my nail 3. Some of my nails weren't covered to the edges 4. There was fuzz hair and bubbles in my nail polish 5. The clear coat didn't cover all of the nail polish I didnt say anything right away because they were busy and I wanted to think of a nice way to say I don't like it can you redo it. I'm not the kind of person that complains in a place of business either. So when i got a chance I tried to show her what was wrong and she told me nothing was wrong and that is normal. So she decided to file the edges down to make it better. It got worse. Then she added another coat to try and make it look better. It didn't work. So we went up to the register and I started to get a little frazzled and I finally flat out said I dont like it. And that I think at this point we will need to redo the whole thing. Then she had everyone look at my nails and they all said it was fine when it wasn't. Then the owner (im assuming the guy there) came up and asked her what was wrong. She told him in another language in a very rude tone something. He then told me that I said " I was happy with my nails." I told him i NEVER said i was happy with my nails. And then the girl started saying i was happy with my nails. And i kept repeating myself saying I NEVER said i was happy with my nails. And then they said that because i got up from my chair, that means i was happy with my nails. So at this point i start to say im not happy with my nails. He then says "you have to pay for your nails." I then told him i Never said i wasnt going to pay. I just wanted to get my nails redone. Well they didnt want to do that. They kept saying i needed to pay for my nails. And i kept telling them im not trying to get out of paying. i just want to be happy with my nails. At this point i start crying and he gets frustrated and starts talking to the girl again in another language and he storms off to start doing someones toes. Some of the girls there said i should just pay and if my nails start to fall apart before two weeks then i can come back in. While still crying in front of the whole nail salon that is now starting at me, I think about it for a second but still not pleased that they wont fix my nails. The guy then yells at me from across the room while he is in the middle of a pedicure and says " You dont have to pay, Leave and get out, I dont want to deal with you anymore!" And he keeps repeating it. "Leave, Get out!" I have never been so embarrassed in my life before this day. Or been treated like this in a place of business.