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was walking along 10th avenue this morning and suddenly smelled baked goods…
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I am the business owner and I have to say we do a pretty darn great job of …
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I have a 34" knotted necklace with turquoise, colored glass, wood, and silv…
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As the owner of a local automotive service center, I understand how carefully a consumer should be about rating a business online. It makes a big ripple in a community as small as Portland, and a big dent in a company's new business clientele. My recent experience with Bearing Service was so shockingly poor and has left our company with terrible results and real damages incurred, that I feel I feel every auto shop in town should know you're dealing with a shop that makes big mistakes on engine rebuilding that will cost you severely when you've installed so carefully what they supposedly rebuild for you. Try explaining to your client why two separate engines you just had rebuilt with Bearing Service starting clacking or started leaking oil internally within hours of finished installation into a vehicle that cost you big on labor and parts as it is. Try explaining why in "your" good judgment you chose Bearing Service if they can't provide the product they charge you for. This happened to us, and we were forced to buy our client a brand new engine at twice the cost of both rebuilt engines we paid Bearing Service, and the client had to wait weeks for their vehicle to be ready, which was weeks beyond when they had already been fed up with our shop, and not the ones that didn't rebuild their engines right. We did everything imaginable to not have to incur the above expense of course, replacing everything we could think of in each engine, only to be concluded that each engine block was at fault, and nothing we could do as a service center could remedy it. Not only did we lose a client over it, and thousands of dollars in loss with the situation, but when asked for a refund by us, the owner of Bearing Service basically told us to go F* ourselves, and asked for an additional $600 for a few hours he came back to inspect the engines that were malfunctioning after installation. We took him to court over it, but the man, having convenient liability insurance, forced us to step up a trivial engine reimbursement into litigation for lawyers, court appointed mediators, and the whole 9 yards. I don't know about your repair shop, but our business owner don't have the time to sit in court and explain how badly a job bearing service did on our engines, when they smile across from you accusing you of being at fault, perhaps the reputable after market camshaft, or air filter, or perhaps it is your bad mechanic they will accuse, without even an atom of readiness to support you their client, who will happily accept your money, but short you on the service that you count on. In the automotive industry, I think it is hard enough to retain your clients treating them right, let alone treating those you call clients with such disrespect and terrible results. But to outright spit on a client after they trust you for results and thousands of dollars for your work, and fight tooth and nail to hold onto what ripoff money you made like that, makes you the worst the automotive industry has to offer and the reason so many consumers have such a bad perception of the automotive industry as a whole.