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I was super excited to try Trader Vic's. A girlfriend decided we would all …
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If you want a 50's style bathing suit (or any era, for that matter), this i…
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was walking along 10th avenue this morning and suddenly smelled baked goods…
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Plenty of equipment, and pretty nice for a 24 Hour Fitness location, which …
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but it sounds hilarious.
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This cafe expands beyond the preconceived notions of what one would expect to find flanking Jameson Square but you'll be happy to find its pleasantly more. With a staff once hailing from the ever-missed Sydney's Cafe, its always a pleasure to be greeted with a genuine smile and welcoming allure. Coffee (the pump-driven variety and pour over!) and pastries are par for the course but should you wander in later in the day, sample a rotating selection of locally supported wine and beers. The menu changes with the seasons and I'm a great fan of the chef - so much so - I followed his work here and have indulged in his catering masterpieces. As others have noted, the atmosphere is warm and the location couldn't be better - inside, the walls are bright with local art and there are plenty of places to sit down and plug in. Outside, you'll find seating to relax, write, read, or plan your next adventure...or just people watch the day away.