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Was my first time to Nuvrei's new retail store. I happen to be with a frien…
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patagonia is a great company. this is a great store and deserves a rating …
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Been here several times love it!
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If you're looking for a sports club/gym which is clean, consistent, and low…
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I have a 34" knotted necklace with turquoise, colored glass, wood, and silv…
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If I could BrewCycle more stars I would!!! My night out on the town with BrewCycle was an absolute blast! If you don't try Brew Cycle you are missing out on life! I was in Portland for a wedding and decided to head over to Bridgeport for some grub and grog. Outside of Bridgeport was some sort of bicycle contraption with a bar built on it. Ahh, weird, unique, quirky Portland - I had to check it out. So I asked the "bar bicycle driver" (later I found out her name was Andrea) about her contraption and she explained to me that pub crawlers power the bike by cycling and she steers. Really? Amazing! Lucky for me, Andrea had a seat open on her pub crawl bicycle so I jumped on. I met up with two other groups and the 13 of us peddled our way from Lucky Labrador, to Rogue, then to DeSchutes and back to Bridgeport. Laughing, drinking, and peddling the whole way, no doubt, this was the most fun I've ever had with 12 strangers! Imagine laughing, drinking and peddling your way from brewery to brewery as onlookers cheer you on and take your picture. Every corner we turned had envious onlookers and with all of the camera flashes you would have thought it was the paparazzi. As we cruised the streets with tunes pumping (Andrea has a stereo onboard her cycle and guests can bring their iPod and playlists) we encountered a lot of people who were curious about this wonderful contraption and wishing they were on our pub crawl...and I can't blame them because there is just something fun about cruising around Portland on a bike and singing along to Queen's "Bicycle Ride" as you approach microbreweries. This excursion was an absolute blast but equally as impressive as her ride, is Andrea, the entrepreneur and owner of BrewCycle. Andrea is an awesome business woman and is wise beyond her years. She is personable, delightful, beautiful, level headed, pragmatic and a visionary. Sitting and chatting with her after the ride/crawl was so fun and interesting. Andrea is sure to show her guests a good time but she is also very responsible. She safely navigated the streets for us and was great about warning us about bumps, asking us to stick out our arms to signal (yeah, you haven't lived until you're on a bicycle built for 15 with 7 hand signals for any given turn), and ringing her cow bell when crossing intersections (we need more cow bell!). I am so glad that I stumbled across BrewCycle (and stumbled off of it five beers later) this past Saturday night and I highly recommend it to anyone of the legal drinking age. This is a great activity for birthdays, post-wedding activities, other assorted celebrations or because you want to be envy of Portland. Heck, I didn't know anyone else on that bike and I loved every minute of it!