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I have a pair of blue beaded, dangling earrings and a pair of pink beaded, …
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Pearl District History | back to home
This is NOT your average history page. You won’t find a generic, static explanation of history, but rather a rotating history lesson of the Pearl. We will update this page often with interesting tidbits of historical information.

How did the Pearl District get its name?
The best and most accurate story we’ve seen was written by Margie Boule of the Oregonian. Click the link below to read.


NW 10th Avenue & Lovejoy - Pictures courtesy of City of Portland Archive
When the Pearl District was once dominated by rail yards, Lovejoy Street needed to be raised to accommodate freight train traffic which moved NORTH-SOUTH underneath.

In the mid 1950's the person taking this picture was standing on NW Lovejoy Street, just west of 10th Avenue, looking south towards Burnside. The 10th Avenue ramp started it’s accent to Lovejoy around NW Johnson Street. In the distance you can see the EOFF Electric advertisement/sign at approximately NW 10th & Hoyt. The advertisement is still visible today.

In this 1939 aerial you can see Lovejoy (top-left) running north-south, with the mass of rail yards running below it as mentioned above. In the center of the picture you can see the 10th Avenue ramp. The building at the center-right, where the ramp starts its accent is an old storage/warehouse built in 1895. The building was revitalized by 2001. It’s now the Ecotrust/Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center at NW 10th & Johnson. The building is an amazing example of what can result from combining green building practices and unique restoration. Today it houses event space, offices, retail and restaurants.

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