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inthepearl.com: mission and values

inthepearl.com seeks to serve YOU… an active member of the Pearl District business community. Fueled by the unique characteristics and goals of the Pearl community, we aim to provide a geo-brand specific platform for local businesses to communicate with their customers.
Supporting a collaborative working community:
  • Remain integrated in the area we serve
  • Provide a forum for business owners to express their unique challenges and goals
  • Translate community feedback into dynamic results through the use of leading technology and social trends
Capturing the latest technology trends that digital consumers expect on the web to tell their story:
  • Social connectivity and registration
  • User reviews and feedback that represent consumer’s stories
  • Interactive media experiences to promote continuous growth of loyal site users
Started in the Pearl, for the Pearl:
  • Understand what’s meaningful to local Pearl consumers and businesses alike
  • Develop a blogging community of local Pearl experts
  • Promote unique cultural, dining, retail and service opportunities that the Pearl offers

inthepearl.com: increasing your bottom line

Expand your general visibility and word-of-mouth through an instantly recognized local brand: inthepearl.com
Improve online exposure of your Pearl businesses through optimization of technology and marketing techniques
Tell your business story to targeted customers with creative features
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