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...but, the cab and mojito were worthwhile. Great location, too.
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Ok! places to play pool in the Pearl. Blitz, Life of Riley, Henry's or Touc…
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I am the business owner and I have to say we do a pretty darn great job of …
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I have a 34" knotted necklace with turquoise, colored glass, wood, and silv…
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Jamison Square Park
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810 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
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Food Carts?! FUN! - 6/7/2011

There were several food carts at Jamison Square today which is a nice surprise. It drew a good crowd and everyone was excited about having food carts in the Pearl! Too bad it was a bit windy today otherwise there would've been more people eating at the park. I tried the SLICE Brick Oven Pizza and it was delicious! I had the Hawaiian which was not greasy and the crust was perfect. Everyone I talked to thinks we should have the carts here more often.

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love this place - 5/24/2011

Love the fact that i can sit at nearby businesses and enjoy my coffee and lunch while enjoying the park as well. Kind of reminds me of Europe. But what's with the jail looking bathroom? ewww

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Jamison Square Park - 810 NW 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97209